Cutigliano, picturesque and medieval Pistoia’s Appennini’s village, located on one side of the Cuccola Mountain, is reachable from Pistoia travelling along the SS 6 and 12 for about 40 km and then in the location of Casotti di Cutigliano by deviating on the right and crossing the bridge on the stream Lima.

MELO (1007 slm)

Is located on the administrative center’s same side, 7 km from Doganaccia’s ski slopes, is the location of summer holidays and the starting point for the excursion to the Libro Aperto’s mountain. Scaffaiolo Lake and the Corno alle Scale. This district is surrounded by agricultural and farming-holiday entreprises that offer to the visitors biological products, directly in contact with nature. It’s possible making excursions by horse. The zone is very important too for the harvest of wild fruit.

RIVORETA (900 slm)

Is locatd in the higher pzone of the Lima’s Valley. Rivoreta is easly reachable driving on Abetone’s SS12, deviating on the right in Pianosinatico. It’s the headquarter of the Etnological Museum of the Pistoia’s Appennins’ People, where are kept objects that once were used daily in the farmer’s houses and that document life and travel’s appereances.


It’s located along the Abetone and Brennero’s SS12 in the La Serra’s mount halfway. It’s a location of summer and winter holidays and it’s only 7 km away from Abetone’s ski slopes. There are good hotels and is equiped by a camping zone.


It’s the most important between the Sestaione’s valley’s locations. Location of summer holidays provided with well-equpped hotels, small houses and appartaments, located at the base of the wonderful biogenetic reserve that takes its name. Pian degli Ontani is also known as Beatrice’s hometown, shepherdess poetess, whom folk songs were admired by intellectuals and famous poets such as Tommaseo, Tigri and Lorenzo Borri.

PIAN DI NOVELLO (1125 – 1800 slm)

Is located in the middle of the homonym forest, is location of summer and winter holidays. Is provided with very good hotels and it’s the zone for the harvest and the sale of mushrooms. The “Orto Botanico”, that is part of the Pistoia’s Mountain’s Ecomuseum, must be visited. The “Orto” is open every day from june to semptember with the possibility of guided visits.


The Ponte Sestaione’s district, surrounded by the Appenninis’ mountains is located along the SS12 and invited the tourist to refresh at the Ximenian Fountain, whom origins are connected with those of the Pistoia-Modena street. Ponte Sestaione was an essential stop of the XIX century for the tourists that could stick at the carriage the “trapelo”, which is the horse that,added to the ones that there were,used to help to come across the steepest part of the tracing, until Abetone’s Pass. Today this district remains a life point of our municipality, here there are the Police Station, different refreshment points and spot systems.